Rivista di Politica Economica
P. Ciocca

In the period straddling the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the most significant and vita1 roots which had nourished the devel- opment and growth o f what can today be defined as the fundamental framework of mode? ~ m i ctheory were extended and studied in depth. A significa ber of Italian economists and thinkers furnished contributions of great originality and profundity to these foundations, so much so that, from many aspects, talk of an Ital- ian school of economics and finance is wholly justified. Since the second half of the nineteenth century, this school has produced con- tributions of great importance and profundity of thought and analy- sis which undoubtedly include some of the most significant mile- stones of economic theory. The perspicacity of the analysis and orig- inality of the intuitions assure these contributions are extremely stimulating and relevant even today….continua a leggere

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