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This collection of papers proposes to trace the scientific and human fortunes of MaffeoPantaleoni, the eclectic expression of that liberalist culture which in the early twentieth century perceived the shortcornings and dangers of the nascent monopolist concentrations. Maffeo PantaleoniC; broad experience makes him one of the founders of what we can today call the Italian school of economics and finance.
We believe it is particularly meaningful to open this volume with the obituary published by the Econornic Journai in its issue of December 1924, which was signed by two initials that were then enigmatic:


Paolo Sylos Labini testifies that those initials stood and stand for Piero Sraffa, who confided to Paolo Sylos Labini that he was the author of the obituary, which was commissioned by the young economist John Maynard Keynes who then edited Econornic Journaitogether with his master F. Y. Edgeworth. Keynes, who had appreciated and understood the importance of Maffeo Pantaleonik thought, wished to have un incisive interpreta- tion of it from Piero Sraffa and not content himself with a generic and middling report of the death of the man whom he considered qthe great Italian economistn…continua a leggere

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