Rivista di Politica Economica

During the last few decades, Italy ‘s economic development has been tumultuous and, in many ways, contradictory. Its main features have been the growth and the coming of age of un industrial system which is firmly ranked among the first five or six most industrialized countries in the world, and which, despite the risk and the dificulties involved, has always been the cornerstone of the nation’s economy. In short, it was during these years that Italy

became a strong and modern industria1 economy.
It will therefore be interesting to reexamine some of the key

aspects of this developrnent, not only to gain insight into the “great race” and the successes of this period, but also to note the errors, limitations, problems, and defeats. This will enable us to better define the “strategic position” of Italian industry and industria1 policy, or the possibilities and the risks in store at the beginning of the 1990s, a time of radica1 change. Within a international context of economic and financial integration, increased competitivity abroad and industria1 specialization present both opportunity and risk, in the form of new prospects arising from changes in East-West rela- tions, and in the form ofgrowing contrast between the northern and southern hemispheres….continua a leggere

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