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It is certainly not easy to discuss and debate such an important theme after the comprehensive and articulated speech by ProfessarEltis. I will try, therefore, to speak about only some of the many considerations which this theme can suggest.

The following is why, then, one day Keynes seems to be definitely outdated and then on the next day he is discovered again and “resurrected”.

It is my feeling that on at least some occasions when the question in posed about Keynes’s relevance in the eighties, an answer is given which is almost taken for granted.

Sometimes, in fact, people try to state that Keynes had said certain things in order to demonstrate that those things are wrong or that in any case, the economic reality of these years and the growth in international integration tend to demonstrate that his ideas today have very little relevance.

It is my opinion, instead, that there are two messages, two lessons we can learn from Keynes’s contribution which should not, in any way, be lost…continua a leggere

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